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    Unanswered: Urgent need for research papers on db2

    Looking for research papers on db2 as DBMS . I will be very pleased if you can find any .Thankyou.

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    Note to DBForums users:

    Thom884 appears to be a student, trying to get us to do their assignment for them. Their requests for assistance include:

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft Access
    MySQL Server
    Oracle Server

    I'm in favor of giving folks help when they need it, but in this case I think they need to use Google or a similar search engine instead of cross-posting to get us to do their homework for them.

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    That question is a joke, right?

    DB2 builds on "System R", which was THE research prototype that first realized the relational model invented by Codd. (Don Chamberlin, who worked on that amongst a lot of other big RDBMS-names, just retired a month ago.) There are other, very high-profile research projects that found their way into DB2, e.g. "Starburst" or "Data Joiner".
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    Quote Originally Posted by stolze
    That question is a joke, right?
    Not a joke. Many students get their term papers from the internet. It is called plagerism.
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