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    Unanswered: unrecognised data base

    when i try to import an add in data i get the following error"unrecognised data base format"
    this has only recently occured what if anything have i done to my data base to cause this??
    rgds dennis

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    When I encounter this message, the usual answer is database corruption. As to how that corruption occurs, I think that it is because the transmission from the front-end (whether it be a form or a linked application) incorporates some external handling mechanism such as a network link. Access does not seem to be aware of this mechanism and does not report when it goes awry. I have not used a Zip file as a directory, but it is possible that when the modification of the file inside the Zip file takes place, a similar situation arises if the compression mechanism fails.

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    I would copy the mdb (unzipped) into a folder that does not have a .zip extension. Make sure you are importing directly into the mdb (and not opening the mdb via winzip or anything else!) I would then open the mdb (using the shift key) and compact/repair. You may want to even create a new mdb and import the objects from this unrecognized one into the new one and then try your import process on the new one.

    Again, avoid using .xxx as a folder name where your mdb resides! (also as a general rule, avoid any spaces in the name and any non-alpha/non-numeric charcters!)
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