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    Unanswered: Numeric Parameter to String

    I'm passing a parameter that's set as type numeric from sql 2000. I need to pass this into crystal reports 8.5 but it seems to be changing the 16th digit to a 0 instead of passing through the true 16 character number.

    I.E the number is 1234567890123451

    and it keeps changing it to 1234567890123450

    Needless to say the records are not being retrieved. Any help either converting the paramater to a string or getting the numeric behavior to keep the whole 16 character number in tack.

    Thanks in advance


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    In which datatype you are casting the string value (1234567890123451)
    What is your PC architecture (16bit, 32 bit, 64bit etc)

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    data types

    So it's forcing me to use a numeric data type when I enter ther parameter value. This is crystal 8.5 and 32 bit environment.

    Does that help?

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