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    Unanswered: Working With one Query To Interact With Multiple Controls On A Form


    I have a query that looks up about 10 fields from a child table and
    then 7 fields from 7 related parent tables. I have a subform based on
    this query which I am filtering with a combo box which looks up the ID
    and value in a parent table called Trade_Specialists. This uses a
    Union query to combine the values so I have an 'ALL' option. The
    query looks like this:

    SELECT ID, Trade_Specialist FROM Trade_Specialists UNION SELECT
    0,"ALL" FROM Trade_Specialists ORDER BY Trade_Specialist;

    The combo box is the criteria for the foreign key in my child table
    (the query which the subform is based off of - I have a button that
    requeries the subform when I make a selection from the combo box. The
    criteria I am seeing displays the combo box control while there is
    another column where the combo box control is displayed as the field
    and 0 is displayed 3 rows down.

    I have another combo box on my subform (making a total of 2) which
    does the exact same thing. I am going to attempt to show you how the
    criteria is layed out below here because I think that is where I am
    having problems. I have tried rearranging it to no avail thus far.

    HTML Code:
               ManagerID     TradeSpecialist_ID     MControl     TSControl
    Row 1             MControl        TSControl
    Row 2                                 TSControl                0
    Row 3                                                                               0
    The filter works fine UNTIL I try to view ALL Trade Specialists under
    any one manager. It returns all records instead of just the records
    associated with that given manager. When I view ALL Managers under
    any one trade specialist, it works fine. How do I need to change the

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    Nevermind. I have been able to resolve the issue.

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