I have SQL 2008 server that has a linked server set up that runs stored procedures to pull data from a db2 database. This is all working fine. I am trying to [LEFT]use report server.
So my first hurdle is that : I have a basic report that contains a datasource of a stored procedure and the basic report prompts for the parameter i need and runs without issue. Although the formatting and layout is extremely simplistic and does not have many expressions or data fields and so therefore looks nothing like the crystal report that we are trying to duplicate in SQL Report server. Although I do not know how on this report to pass the parameter in a URL which i need to do.

My second hurdle: I also have a report (rdl file) that was converted from a crystal report by an outside company but not the data source is not found and I have no idea how to edit or use a second data source and the fields and expressions seem to not work, I am getting tablix errors when i try to run this report and I am also getting Native Compiler errors after I attempted to add a second datasource (so i might have done this correctly or that might be the issue) the native compiler error is saying the dataset1_datasetExpr host and class dataset1_datasetExpr host conflic in class reportExphostimpl.
and On this report I will need to pass the parameter in a url as well.
This report however after it was converted appears to have the formatting i need.

The two reports i have seem to each be, half of what i need in my final report. Is there a way to copy the formatting but not the expressions, or to edit the expressions in the second report so that they run, or does it sound like a datasource error, and if so how do I get around it?