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    Question Unanswered: issues with new instance

    Hi all,
    M using db2v9.5 ESE on windows.
    had number of doubts related to the creation of new instance on server

    1. When i create a new instance, what is the service name and port number i need to use when cataloging the instance in a node directory. no value is assigned to parameter 'svcename' when i check this in database configuration file.

    As far as i know, at the time of cataloging this new instance we need to give port number from 60001 onwards, whichever is free, is that true???

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    If you are yet to create an instance, dduring the create it self, you can give the port number like

    db2icrt -a SERVER -s ese -u <fenced username> -p <port numberlike 61000> <instance ownername>

    If you have already created the instance, check the services file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc directory and see if you have an entry like "db2c_DB2 60001/tcp". If you do not find any, no issues. You can always update the dbm cfg using the below command.

    db2 update dbm cfg using SVCENAME 61000

    then you can use this info during cataloging this node in any other machine.

    db2 catalog ....node..... server 61000

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    I would use a port between 50001 - 59999 (50000 is used for default instance when product is installed on Windows).

    DB2 uses the ports above 60000 for DPF partitions, even when you are not using DPF.
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