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    Unanswered: Can't add chunk with onspaces

    I have Informix 7.31 running on HPUX. When attempting to add a chunk to a dbspace, I get an error that the chunk needs to be owned by informix, but it is. I am including the error. Any ideas?

    {test1}/informix/chunks-> onspaces -a inqdbs -p /informix/chunks/d17 -o 0 -s 100000
    Verifying physical disk space, please wait ...
    The chunk '/informix/chunks/d17' must have owner-ID "informix" and group-ID "informix".
    {test1}/informix/chunks-> ls -l /informix/chunks/d17
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 informix informix 17 Nov 5 11:01 /informix/chunks/d17 -> /dev/vg04/rlvol17
    {test1}/informix/chunks-> ls -l /dev/vg04/rlvol17
    crw-rw---- 1 informix informix 64 0x040011 Nov 5 12:09 /dev/vg04/rlvol17


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    Please check if both the devices created in /dev for the logical volumes are owned by informix

    ls -lt /dev/vg04/*lvol17

    Also try adding this with onmonitor


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    use onspaces -a (to add) -d (dbspacename) -p Path (e.g./informix/dbspace/dbspace1) -o 0 (this is the offset, or initial) -s (size) -m (if mirrored)

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