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    Question Unanswered: Replacing Data in an Access Table

    Hello -

    I have a main table in Access which includes two fields called 'Order #' and 'Trade #', amongst many others. For the last couple of months, Order # has been populated with zeros by mistake.

    I have created a temporary table which, for the records affected, maps the trade # to the correct Order #.

    What's the easiest way to replace these in the master table???


    Master Table

    Trade # Order #
    1 0
    2 0
    3 0

    Temp Table

    Trade # Order #
    1 6
    2 7
    3 7

    Corrected Master Table should look like temp table.


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    Join the two tables in a query by Trade #

    Then make an update query to the main table

    The Update to field will look something like this.

    Update To: [Your Temp Table].[Order#]

    *Always make a backup of your main table before running any type of action query in case something doesn't work properly.
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