Is there any way I can get all the archive log files present in a
backup piece. I tried following but it always gives me all the log
files for each piece:

SQL> select s.set_stamp, s.set_count, s.PIECES, s.backup_type,
s.controlfile_included from v$backup_set s, v$backup_piece p where
s.set_stamp=p.set_stamp and s.set_count=p.set_count and

SQL> select unique resetlogs_change# from v$backup_redolog where
set_stamp=670185216 and set_count=1206;

SQL> select unique name, TO_CHAR(FIRST_TIME, 'MMDDYYYYHH24MISS'),
TO_CHAR(COMPLETION_TIME, 'MMDDYYYYHH24MISS') from v$archived_log where
resetlogs_change#=569317 AND name IS NOT NULL;

Thanks in advance,
Ganesh Tambat