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    Question Unanswered: How to migrate users to another website

    I am a newbie. I don't have much experience in mysql and dont' know where to look for answers. I would like to know how to migrate users who has registered in a joomla cms database to another joomla cms. All I want is to migrate users only. How do I do that or is there an article I can read about it? Thanks.

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    Take a look at MySQL Front it is a GUI that has some extras such as transfering between databases. I have transfered many databases 100MB+ in size without any issues. It also has other useful services that will help you with data management.

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    if your Joomala sites are hosted on the same physical server then you can copu whatever you need using SQL. you can then insert records into your new Joomla system. MySQL allow you to refer to more thna one database in a single statement.

    an alternative is to use whatever admn tool your ISP allows you and dump the user tables (+ any other tables that Joomala uses that are required) into a SQL backup and then load that backup into your target db

    if you need to do this on a regualr basis consider developing an extension to the system which dumps new, or changed users into another table and clearing down that table periodically. to do that you may need to modify the script that deals with user management, or if the MySQL server you use allows triggers consider doing in there

    however this is more a Joomla issue in my books, presumably there must be a site dedicated to supporting that product....
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