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    Unanswered: Ianywhere 10 - can't connect to db

    Hello All,

    I have just installed the developer edition of SQL Anywhere 10 (I also have iAnywhere 9 on the same machine), and I'm having a difficult time connecting to new databases that I create.

    Its odd because when I create the db, I'm connected to it and I can do just about anything, but when I disconnect, and try to reconnect, I get an error that says "Unable to start specified database ... was created by a different version of the software"

    What's also strange is the I can connect to the sample db's that come with SQL Anywhere 10 all day, but I can't connect to the ones that I create no such luck.

    I've also tried to upgrade version 9 db's to version 10 and that doesn't do the trick either.

    I'm running it on Windows XP PRO SP3.

    Any thoughts are appreciated,
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