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    Unanswered: Data Migration from Outlook BCM to Goldmine

    hello everyone,
    since I am very new to sql i thought that the best thing to do is to ask the best ;-)
    I ve got approx 1000 contact/company records in my business contact manager for ms outlook 2007. The database hasn't got sufficient functionality. So i decided to go for Goldmine 8.0.2 (FrontRange). I have both applications installed on my computer now.
    Both databases have SQL Server 2005 engine. The structure of both databases is different even though they hold similar business data (contact and company names with contact numbers etc.).
    How do i selectively migrate the data from bcm to goldmine? (i would like to transfer ALL of the bcm data into RELEVANT corresponding fields in goldmine).
    Can i do it myself?
    Alternatively does anyone offer this type of service? Thank you. DK.

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    on the wrong server
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    I had not heard thatOutlook 2007 uses SQL Server.

    I have not dealt with Goldmine in a decade but I bet if you fish around in the help file or the menus you will find a way to directly pul information from outlook or a way to export all of you contacts from outlook into a flat file that you an in turn import into goldmine.
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    There is an 'Import from Outlook' facility but very inaccurate. Data gets misplaced and omitted.
    Furthermore, every account is linked to related contacts. Contacts are linked to logs and opportunities.
    The standard facility does not copy data at every level of relationship.
    Rather then manually, i would like to do it automatically by mapping fields from the old system onto the fields in the new system. Something like a program that would do the whole thing at a press of a button.
    Thank you.

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