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    Unanswered: Hidden RDBMS


    I am looking for a RDBMS which could be embedded with an application (typically JAVA) and deployed to a client machine. The catch is I want to secure the database such that even the administrator at the client machine is unable to login or use the data files by copying them. In this case I am assuming the local Admin never knows the db password. I tried with HSQL but the first problem is it stores the db password in a plain text file.

    To summarize my requirements, I need

    -To be able to store data at a client machine using a JDBC 4 driver
    -The data files to be only accessible by a given password which should not be stored in clear text or be retrievable to the client's administrator
    -Copying the DB files to another DB instance should not work because of the password requirement
    -Preferably Open Source implementation

    Looking forward to suggestions


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    Thanks for the list. H2 seems to fit my requirments

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