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    Unanswered: Develop GUI to work in DB2

    Hi Experts,
    I am confronted with a problem of developing a GUI to be used in DB2 for quering. I have never in my life develop a GUI before. I need your help to create a GUI. I would be happy to have some help me out on this Issue.
    Below is the discription of the GUI:
    HTML Code:
    The GUI should include:
    A 600x375 panel that shows the given jpeg file.
    A button to submit nearest neighbor query.
    A button to submit truck meet query.
    A button or event to clear the screen.
    There are some other specifications of GUI:
    The GUI should show the given satellite image when the application is started up.
    Bounding box we use a box (rectangle) to represent an active region. The box is decided by user input. After we gave the coordinates, a yellow box will be displayed.
    Target point we use user input to specify a location on the image as the “target point” (draw this new point with blue).
    When user click query buttons…
    Nearest Neighbor Query: After we assign a target point, if we do not decide an active range, the active range is the whole image. Otherwise, the activation range is the box we specified. Your program should consider all trucks which are inside (or intersect with) the active region. Among them, it returns the position of the closest truck to the target point and draws it with red rectangle. Starting from the oldest position of the closest truck you found, your program should draw the trajectory of that truck as follows. All positions of the closest truck at any time should be drawn using a rectangle with the color associated with its truck ID (ID=1��orange, ID=2��pink, ID=3��green, ID=4��blue, ID=5��purple). For example, if the closest truck ID is 3, all positions of the truck at any time should be drawn using a green rectangle. The rectangle corresponding to position at time T should be connected to the one corresponding to the position at time T+1 using an arrow (also with the color associated with its truck ID) pointing from the first rectangle to the second rectangle. 
    Truck Meet Query At time T, if the position of two trucks (or more) overlapped, we there is a truck meet. This query returns the trucks, position, and time of all truck meets in the active region. The positions of the trucks are drawn using a rectangle with the color associated with their truck ID, and the time of the truck meet should be displayed near these overlapped rectangles.
    Can someone please help me with this. Any programming language used for the development is welcomed. Java, PhP,etc.


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    You should use a language you are familiar with. If you have absolutely no programming experience, then I suggest you hire someone to write the program.


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