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    Unanswered: Partitioning in LUW's DB2

    Hello, folks

    My question is probably too simple for most of the people here, but I really don't know the right way to make a table partitions. I've tried the PARTITIONING KEY when CREATE TABLE, but as the result, I only found that the table only has 1 partition which is numbered 0

    Could I make multiple table partitions in LUW's DB2 v8.2 ? I know that there's Range partitioning, etc. at DB2 Viper though, but I'm currently using DB2 v8.2, so if anyone know the way, please help me

    Thank you

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    Partitioning in V8 is using DPF. In V9 the syntax for setting up DPF partitioning is different. The PARTITIONING KEY in V8 is using DPF and if you only have one partition, then you get what you are getting. Prior to V9, you have to do what is called "union all views" to partition a table the way you want. V9 and on, you can do it directly.


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    For V8.2, there is no way to Partition the table for getting better performance (eqv. of Range-Partition). Data-Partition (hash-Partition) is available though in V8.X as ArWinner has mentioned.

    If you are thinking the same for having better performance, then you can go for MDC Index, SUMMARY table etc as well in V8.2

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