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    Unanswered: [SQL Server 2005] Problem with character set/collation with XML

    Hi all.

    We have a problem where we are saving an XML file textinside a table column (text column) and when we query that data and compare it to the original XML, the comparison returns false.

    This process works just fine in tens of other MSSQL servers. That is why we'rs suspecting this might be a character set problem.

    The collation in this server is the same as in all other servers where this process was successful. The default language of both the server and the OS is English-united states, as in all other servers. The program is written in Java, and MSSQL server 2005 (9.0.3282)

    Can anyone direct me on where to look and what the problem may be?

    Thank you.

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    on the wrong server
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    I have not used it but isn't there a new XML datatype in SQL 2005?
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    Thing is, this comparison and way of work works perfectly fine in all our other customers. It only fails in one customer, which led us to believe it's a metter of DB server configuration. Moreover, when restoring the customer's database on our servers and trying to reproduce the problem- we couldn't. The comparison worked fine. So it must be server configuration.

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    Check that their set up is the same as yours
    SELECT ServerProperty('Collation')                As [Collation]
         , ServerProperty('Edition')                  As [Edition]
         , ServerProperty('Engine Edition')           As [EngineEdition]
         , ServerProperty('InstanceName')             As [InstanceName]
         , ServerProperty('IsClustered')              As [IsClustered]
         , ServerProperty('IsFullTextInstalled')      As [IsFullTextInstalled]
         , ServerProperty('IsIntegratedSecurityOnly') As [IsIntegratedSecurityOnly]
         , ServerProperty('IsSingleUser')             As [IsSingleUser]
         , ServerProperty('IsSyncWithBackup')         As [IsSyncWithBackup]
         , ServerProperty('LicenseType')              As [LicenseType]
         , ServerProperty('MachineName')              As [MachineName]
         , ServerProperty('NumLicenses')              As [NumLicenses]
         , ServerProperty('ProcessID')                As [ProcessID]
         , ServerProperty('ProductVersion')           As [ProductVersion]
         , ServerProperty('ProductLevel')             As [ProductLevel]
         , ServerProperty('ServerName')               As [ServerName]
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