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    Unanswered: Adding Data to SQL server not your own

    Hello All.

    I have a quick question I was wondering if someone could help me with.
    I have a CRM Sql database that my company utilizes. We have been using it for quite sometime. I am not a newbie to SQL database management but not and expert either. I have to add a few things to the tables to make the software a little more useful to us. I know I can access it through MS Enterprise Manager but is it safe to use the trial version on our database or do we need to purchase?

    Any other ideas are helpful. Thanks in advance!


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    trial version of what? sql server or your CRM package?

    it can be kind of dicey altering tables in a COTS system if you are not familiar with the source code. I have seen some egregiously bad practices by commercial software vendors.

    For example, altering tables could cause issues if the vendor used SELECT * anywhere in their code especially with regards to INSERTs.

    One thing you should definitely do is not try this on the live production database. If you are going to do it, do it in a test environment and have your users test your CRM spplication thoroughly.
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    I'd check with the OEM that altering the schema doesn't invalidate your support too.
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