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    Question Unanswered: How to open query from code


    I have some fields on form , text box and combobox.

    On click of button, i want to open a query bases on selection on form..

    How do I do that?

    Please let me know,

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    The query criteria will be [Forms]![Your Form Name]![Your Field Name]
    If you want to run and display the query results from a command button the code is, docmd.openquey "Your query name"

    Hope this was what you were looking for.
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    Exclamation Re


    I want to check certain condition before I apply that filter to query.
    Like if fields if "ALL" or if it is "empty" based on this criteria queries parameter will change. SO I can not just put [forms]![form name]![fields name] .

    For that do I have to create multiple queries? based on each selection criteria?

    If not , is there another way?

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    Use If statements and build your WHERE clause.

    If Me.Somefield <> "ALL" Then vSQL = vSQL & " SomeField = " & Somefield

    And such like.
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