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    If i click a command button for a new record, and i want the cursor to start in a specific field in my database, how would i make that happen?

    for instance if i click "new record" it takes me to a blank screen but then i have to manually click where i want to start typing. How can i automatically place the cursor in lets say the first name field so i can just start typing once i click the button. Thanks!

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    Normally you would set the tab order appropriately. You can force the issue with


    after going to the new record.

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    ▲ Agreed, except that Tab Order is irrelevant here. When you do a NEW command, Access navigates to the new record, but the focus remains in the field that currently has the focus, irrespective of Tab Order
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    In the code of the command button put the following
    your field name.setfocus
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