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    Unanswered: :NEW.<column_name> getting old value when that column is not updated

    Hi All,
    I am using the triggers to audit the data changes in my database actually when data in a particular column is changed then we get the ld.<column_name> with the old value and :new.<column_name> with the new value. but when the data in a column is not changed and when i want to access the :new.<column_name> and ld.<column_name> i am getting the same value but my doubt is when we are not changing the value of a particular column then the :new.<column_name> should have null in it. Which is not happening can any one clarify me why it is not happening.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    wHY SHOULD :NEW HAVE null? the data for the column after the update is the same as before, so ld and :new are the same.
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    We found that the following made the code easier to read

    If Updating ('START_DATE') Then
      -- do something
    End If;
    You don't use the :NEW or :OLD tags to clarify anything, just the name of the column you want to check if an update has occurred against, passed in with quotes around it.


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    If :NEW.column were null when you didn't update the column, how would you know when the column was updated to be NULL?

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