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    Unanswered: Help Required in Programming.

    Lately I have been working on my Computer Studies final project. GCE O Levels. I am suppose to build up a simple functional application in C# or VB. I know the very basics of Visual Studio 2008.

    I have finally made up my mind and want to make a software for a Small Motel which has about 30-40 Rooms and provide limited services. I want it to be simple but really attractive. I can handle the visual part well but as I have mentioned before I don't really have any experience in this field. I am a professional Web & Graphic Designer/Animator. I know how things go around but need some good help.

    These are the features i want in the software .

    List of Rooms Available - It should show all the room numbers which are available. An Green Icon type and Room Number in front of it. Whenever you click on the icon right next to the room number, it should give an option. (Check In , Cancel). When somebody clicks the Check in button, A small form should appear asking for the = Name, CNIC, Stay Duration (Only Numbers should be inputted), Number of People, Per Night Charge.

    After we fill the form, we click ok and that room number from the rooms available list should move to another section which is "Rooms Occupied". Just like "Available Rooms" section, i want a Rooms Occupied section which should contain all the room numbers which were checked in. Simple Switch.

    If i click on room icon in Rooms Occupied section, it should show me the details i inputted while checking in in "rooms available" section. But i want a few more options in the Room details of Room Occupied. There should be an numerical input field called " Misc Charges". we should be able to write the misc charges there .Now here is what i want. At the end of the detail page, there should be a "Check Out" button. When somebody clicks the check out button. a window should pop up showing the total bill. now here i want a mathematical function. It should multiply the "Per night charges" with Stay duration and add the Misc charges. At the end it should show the final bill.

    After showing the bill, we should click proceed and the specific occupied room number should be moved to rooms available list. (reverse the function and delete the details it held).

    I hope you get a overall image what i am trying to achieve. Please help me in making this happen. If step by step guide is available. I’ll be really thankful. Any possible help will be appreciated

    Expecting a positive response. Thank you guys.

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    How far have you gotten to date?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    december 20th..

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    I think what Teddy meant was
    how far have you got wiht your project
    what have you done so far
    what problems have you addresses
    what problems are outstanding?

    bearing in mind the contributors to this site will/may help but they won't do your coursework. even if they did, all that wuld happen is that you wil be cheating yourself
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