Hi Thank you for reading my post hopefully someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction.

Ok, so I have a spreadsheet with a series of tab, each day a new tab is generated. I need a database that can access these tabs automatically i.e. so I don't have to import these tabs each day.These tabs are named something like DD-Month (i.e October)-YY

I then need to be able to generate a report so that all the new records and updated records are displayed for that day. say I had a record open since 10-10-2007 but it was updated today, I would won't to apear in my report.

I have 20 collumns of data on each tab but only 7 of are used for reference points in this database.

B = Ticket Number
F = Service Number
G = Service Location
J = Date Created
O = Date Close (If it has been closed that is)
R = Current Situation
S = Cause
T = Current Status

Hopefully i have explained myself enoguh, but simply put the database needs only report the information that was different from yesterday but on in the 7 main headings above.