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    Unanswered: adding new products to customer record

    hi, i'm in need of some help. i've created 2 different tables and im gonna be creating one main screen as a form. the one table would be all the customers information and the other a product table.
    what im trying to do is on my form i would be able to add the products that have been talked about to the customer and adding them on a subform?

    so it could be a sub form with all the products talked about. some customers could have only talked about 1 product and other all of them

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    This is called a many to many relationship. You need a junction table (this is known other names as well) that has two one-to-many relationships: a customer may discuss many products and a prodcts may be discussed by many customers.

    This table contains a composite primary key of the two tables. This means take the primary key columns from your people and product tables, shove them into this customer_products table and make all the columns the primary key.

    This is the starting point. Once done, we can get onto the form.
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