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    Unanswered: Retrieve folder contents from FTP server

    Good day,

    I am trying to find a way to retrieve the contents of a folder, the names of the files in the folder, from an ftp server.

    I have a username, password and ftp address boces on the screen and when the user enters in the valid information I would like to display all the files that are in this location to them.

    I know one can do this manually and check for themselves but want to just display the file list to the user this way.

    Can anyone help please?

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    Could I get some help working with files using FileSystemObject?
    And to display files in a folder such as all the .gif files go down to "Copying a set of files" and change this line:
    fso.CopyFile Map(File.Name), dstFolder
    To be something like this instead:
    Response.Write File.Name & "<br>"
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