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    Unanswered: Batch instead of individual items

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a problem I'm trying to resolve and wanted your opinion on this. I currently have a form that displays a list of items from a table. I then use the code in the form button to assign the items highlighted to a specific person from a drop down box. The problem I'm having is that many items can be part of a batch called Advice, instead of highlighting every item in the batch I would like to basically have only the advice numbers showing in the batch and when I run my assign code basically assign all the items in that advice to the person selected from the drop down box.
    So for example if Advice# 123456 has 5 items, instead of highlighting all 5 items and assigning them to bob I want to simply highlight the 1 advice 123456 and all 5 items will be assigned to Bob.
    I changed my query in the form to show me only the advices by Group but naturally when I try to assign them using the code below it simply doesn't work.

    Attached is the sample database I came up with so far. Any ideas how I might be able to overcome this?

    Thanks as always for all you help!
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