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    Unanswered: DB2 Installation Errors in Windows Vista SP1

    I am using Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Business Greek and yesterday I downloaded and tried to install IBM DB2 Express C 9. I cannot inform you about the exact version number, because every shortcut/command issues the following error:

    DB29501E DB2 has detected an inconsistent environment. Please investigate the following: "DB2INSTANCE: -2029059916"

    This error was also issued at the end of the installation, after three or more other errors, which occurred in every attempt to reinstall the software.

    It seems that the installation was not successful. What can I do?

    If anyone provided me the path to a logfile, I would post more details.

    Thanks in advance.

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    probably the system variable db2instance could not be set
    this can be done manually
    go to system settings-variables and add db2instance=db2 (if this is your instance)
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    The system variable you mentioned was indeed unset, so I set it to DB2COPY1, that is my instance's name. But I keep getting the same error message . The installation errors had to do with some failure in a registry operation, a dll error and a user configuration error, which I was told to do manually (if I remember right), all these followed by the environment inconsistency error. May I know the path of any setup error log, so I can provide you more details?
    Thank you.

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