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    Unanswered: data from multiple databases

    I have to insert, update and select data from mulitple databases witch are on different servers, I'm using pdo in my project.
    What I have is:
    I parse an *.ini file where is configuration to main database server, I connect to this database and everything is ok, but in some part of my application user choose from checkbox data witch define database to connect, how to checked what user has choosen I think like this:
    PHP Code:
    foreach($_POST[''] as $ids){} 
    but I don't know the number of option, and how to connect to specific database server and for example insert some data, to all of database witch user has choosen using checkbox?
    could you help me, please?

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    I think your problem is far to broad to even answer. You have other issues going on that need to be addressed first such as connecting to multiple databases.

    Are you using a single connection script for this or multiple scripts? Are you doing this procedurally?

    If all you are asking is how to have the user select a certain database, then yes, you can use the checkbox. I'm not sure why you would be using a foreach loop for this though.

    If you want detailed help, you need to post all of the code you are working on.

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