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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL slowing down server

    I have a server clone that i use for development. It has SuSE Linux v10 and a PostgreSQL back-end.
    for a few months since it was created everytihng worked smoothly, but a few days ago, without any known trigger, a problem showed up. the server started to respond realy slow, and when i took a closer look, it seems that the cause is the postgres service. it eats 99,9% of CPU.
    does anybody have any ideea why?
    It might be relevant to say that another clone of the same server started behave in the same way in preety much the same time.
    And that server was rarely used.

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    Do users have the ability to submit ad-hoc queries?

    What version of Postgresql are you using?

    the fact that both servers are having the same problem would indicate that something outside the servers are likely the underlying cause...
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    You can enable logging for long running statements in Postgres.
    Using that, you can identify which statement is actually causing this.

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