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    Unanswered: Matrix Report:Adding and additional column to work out % Variance for each month.

    I have a matrix report with 2 column Year and Month by Row A

        	 2007/2008     2008/2009      2007/2008    2008/2009    2007/2008     2008/2009
    Row 	         Jan       Jan      Feb              Feb              Mar              Mar
    A  	         100        200       300               20                25                15
    B   	        200           250        50               30                45                19

    1) Add % Variance column for each month, so comparing Jan 07/08 with Jan 08/09
    2) Sort report by Month, starting from Apr and not Jan

    sorry for the table, couldn't get to display properly, hope it make sense!

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    Is this a SQL Server dataset output? I've checked your other posts and they are more for Excel.

    The short of it is this is how you should display your data but SQL does not work well with matrices (neither creating nor manipulating). This is trivial if this was not a matrix.
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    its my first time using SQL reporting services.... i have created a matrix table, now i need to add a column to view the '% variance' for each month (comparing 2007/08 against 2008/09, by month)

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    any help guys

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