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    Unanswered: Close and Open Forms

    Is it possible to close and re-open the same form without the user noticing?

    I want to try this as I'm think of ways to reset what the form shows once submit button has been clicked.

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    You can do it, but I'd probably look at other options. What do you mean by "reset what the form shows"? You can simply go to a new record, clear the form fields, etc.

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    If you close and reopen, it may be noticeable depending on the pc they are running.

    If you are doing data entry and do not want them to be able to access what they just input, then you may want to consider a subform.

    You want to try having a subform and upon clicking the button requerying the subform.
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    You could turn off screen echoing while you close and re-open the form. Just don't forget to turn it back on again.

    I would be resetting the form by other means though.
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