Hi, We have a Pervasive 9 and Btrieve installed on two different Windows 2003 servers. Our configuration details are as given below :

Intel Xeon Processor and 16GB RAM on it.
File segment limit set to 2GB
10 files above 2GB and 2 of them are over 10GB
Cache Allocation size set to 400MB
comunications threads 64
I/O threads 80
Auto Reconnect enabled and the value is set to


1. I understand that the Cache Allocation Size is used as L1 cache in Pervasive. Do we need to increase that? If yes, what would be the recommended one?

2. What is Max Microkernal Memory Usage? Do we need to twqeak that as well for performance?

3. What is connection timeout? It is getting increased whenever we run the Magic 9 processors or activities? The PVSW log says the following eversince we enabled the auto re-connect option.
Client session timeout, CID=ffffffff00009fca5a3d251b, SA=5257, TN=0000.

4. what is the difference between Connection timeout option in the Microkernel & local engine properties? Do they need to be in sync?

Any help provided would be appreciated.