Hi Everyone,
I have output from an event monitor that shows over 40,000 select statements being executed during an application startup.

Can someone tell me if I am doing this correctly as that seems very high?

I used the following to create an event monitor:
create event monitor mon1 for statements where auth_id='theuser' write to file '/home/theuser'
I then ran db2evmon to generate the file.

I see in the file over 40,000 entries for "Operation: Close". Also, the User CPU and System CPU are mostly at 0, there are only 9 entries total with either of these not 0.

Does each one of the "Operation: Close" lines represent an SQL statement finishing execution?

Also, can the CPU time of zero for most queries be correct? This time goes down to a fine precision so it seems weird.

Using DB2 v9.1 on Linux.

Thanks for the advice.