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    Unanswered: help on advanced filtering

    I need some help and advice to start using advanced flirting on a schedule

    I have worked out the questions i want to query/filter about:

    List everyone who is working at that time range on a certain day
    For instance:
    Employee / Day /Time
    Chanyeehon/ Tuesday / 9am to 3pm
    List everyone that can work on Monday that can work between 9 to 5

    -I have 22 employee first names
    -Each employee works 1 to 2 days each week
    -the time range

    Should i use a start time column and an end date column?
    What kind of format should i use?? i.e Employee / Day? / Time...
    But each employee works at least 2 shift a week
    should i use one sheet per day?
    or is it just possible to just one sheet for all days and time

    Please help

    Thanks in advance

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    I got it to work

    But i want to ask how do I select more than one range from another worksheet?
    what do i type between the ranges?
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