Hi all,
I have installed successfully the Cassandra's Server and setup Cluster with 2 nodes run on Window OS, and use this Interface to create a test Client. But i see that it's performance is so bad. After i inserted about 20000 data items, i execute the command client.get_column_count(...) then it show exactly my expected number, but it took about 4 minutes (. I continued to insert about 100 000 items, then execute above count command and i see that the Cluster seem to be died . Furthermore i checked in all data directory and see that only the files in the CommitLog? dir were changed, but nothing to be change in other dir (data, system, bootstrap...). That means all data that was inserted by me is still stored on memory now and wasn't commited yet.

I'm wondering whether these is something wrong in my built Cluster???

Pls help! Thanks so much!