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    Unanswered: query tableA, assigned an ole object from tableA to an ole field in tableB

    In my tableA. I have the following fields: First Name, Last Name and Signature ("the person's signature in .bmp format") -- Inside the table, the Signature always say picture.

    In my tableB (a contract). I have many fields. Two of these fields are base on the tableA information: One field store -- First and Last name and One field store the Signature.

    I created a from for inputing data into tableB. Inside the form, I have a combo box (cboACIContractContact) which is based from a query against tableA: The combo box query both fileds and they are: the first field -- "First Name Last Name" and the second field is Signature. The combo box only show ONE field, the person's First and last name. I also have a OLE box (OLEACISignature)

    In the After Update event of cboContractPersonnel, I want to put the Signature image from tableA to tableB throught OLEACISignature. Here is my code

    Me.OLEACISignature= Me.cboACIContractContact.Column(1)

    No picture and open the tableB, that OLEACISignature field said "Long Binary Data".

    Any idea?


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    I did the following in the after event coding

    MsgBox Me.cboACIContractContact.Column(1)

    It said OLE Object

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    I don't think a combo box can actually contain such data, so using Column(X) to refer to it won't work.

    You should just have the signature field in the form/report's underlying query and when you choose the contact from the combo box, the signature field will contain the ole data, which you can show on the form.

    Mind you, this form of signature is completely useless anyway, so I would have just not bothered with signatures. The lack of security around electronic signatures themselves completely nullifies any advantage of having them imo.
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    Agreed. Thanks

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