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    Unanswered: Database Mirroring and Failover Errors

    Hi All,

    I have a principal server that is in an active/passive cluster and a mirror server that is at the disaster recovery site. There is no witness server. I had a database mirroring setup and working fine until we tested the failover. After we failed back, the database on the principal had a principal, disconnected status. I removed the mirror and now I am trying to set it up again and getting the following error message:

    Neither the partner not the witness server instance for database "dbname" is available. Reissue the command when at least one of the instances becomes available.

    I can ping the principal server from the mirror and mirror server from the principal and the server names come back fully qualified. I checked the host files on both servers and both host files have principal and mirror server names that are fully qualified. So at this point I am really lost. I am not sure what else to look at. Please help.

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    Sure smells like a security/permissions issue to me.
    Check the accounts being used by the mirroring process and the accounts SQL Server is running under to be sure they have access to the other servers.
    Have any permissions changed since the previous reboot? Passwords expired?
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