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    Unanswered: Reports Margins


    I have a problem with the report's margins on clients' computers.
    I'm working on a windows server 2008 platform, running MS Access 2003.

    I design my reports in an MDB file, including the page setup and margins,
    close it as an MDE file, and let my clients run the MDE file as users on the same server.

    Somehow it seems like the MSAccess has a minimal margin value that I cannot go under it.
    For example, No matter if Iset the left and right margins to 2 cm,
    The users will always see the report with margins of 4.23 cm. Of course it makes a lot of trouble, as the report exceeds the page and continues on another, almost empty, page.

    Do you know anything about it?
    Can you shed some light here?

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    Make sure you have your printer margins set to their minimums in the control panel.

    The only time I have ever run into anything similar is when the printers are misconfigured. I had one customer who had a normal 1-page A4 report print on 16 pages. Turned out he had a special printer installed - a label printer. As soon as we changed the default printer, all was well.

    Good luck!
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