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    Unanswered: Data entry=Yes causes blank form

    Alright, so if data entry is set to No, when I open up my form it shows all perfectly, but I can't create new record. With it set to yes, my form opens to white space, no formatting at all. I need this form to work AND allow for new records, can anyone help?

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    Data entry mode is ONLY for data entry. You will not be able to view records.

    Check to make sure your recordset is updatable when not in data entry mode.
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    It's set to Updatable Snapshot. Data Entry is Yes, and my record source qualifier is set to dbo. The thing is, I don't see the form, just a big white square while Data Entry is set to yes.

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    You probably see a big white square because there is some sort of criteria on the recordset query for the form.

    You can - 1. Remove the criteria. And 2. Also put some things into the Form's header (but I wouldn't recommend adding all the fields into the form's header - just any buttons you may need.) You'll notice that you can see things in the Form's Header.
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