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    Unanswered: Very basic data frontend

    Hello members,

    I'm looking for a very basic GUI frontend for PostgreSQL databases which should allow non-tech users to add and edit data to existing database objects.

    It shouldn't allow any modification of objects or other DB Admin stuff which could potentially wreck the database.

    I ruled out pgWorkbench (SQL only), and admin tools like pgAdmin3, Navicat, etc. MS Access shouldn't be the option.

    Could someone point me into the right direction?

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    1,848 base as the front end, connected to the postgresql back end via ODBC?
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    I found three interesting tools which allow me to generate a frontend for underlying tables:

    • PostgreSQL PHP Generator 7.10
    • DaDaBik
    • gedafe

    Eventually I used the free PHP Generator to build an interface which can be easily customized and even password-protected.
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