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    Unanswered: Client- Server Character conversion

    The bcp in process is getting failed from one cllient alone. Where as the bcp in success from all the clients. How can we find the default character set of the sybase client on windows machine. What should we do to make the bcp in process success from that client?

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    the is a bcp option "-J" that lets you set the character set. The client character set should not matter, what is important is the sybase server's character set. If this is different then why dont you use -n (native format) when bcp out and then use the same when bcp in.

    hope this helps

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    Client- Server Character conversion

    Thanks for the immediate response.

    We have already used the -J option. But we are not able to bcp in.

    we tried -c option, but it failed.
    After your mail, we tried -n option. It has shown partial success.
    Partial rows were bcp'ed in.

    FYI: we get the dat file from an external source.

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