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    What should be the database structure?

    I am trying to design a database but not sure about the structure, please help. Consider the following scenario

    I have to store data about the following entities

    1. Building (Building Name, Building Code)
    2. Floors (Floor Name, Floor Number)
    3. Rooms (Room Name, Room Number)
    4. Equipment (Equipment Name, Equipment Code)

    with the following constraints

    Floors are associated with Buildings (i.e Floors exist in Buildings)
    Rooms are associated with Floors (i.e Rooms exist in Floors)

    and Finally

    Every Equipment is assigned a code and Equipment can be associated with Building, Floor or Room

    Thanks in Advance

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    Thanks in Advance
    Most people at least try and pretend that their question is not coursework. My suggestion would be to either have a bash at it yourself and then ask for comments or, if you're too lazy to do this, just copy the assignment from one of your fellow students.

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