Hello Freinds.

I have to create a Database which supports at least these three languages i.e. English, German, Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese.
I have already set the character set and NL Lang / territory for these languages. The only problem is with chinese one.
I have used tried to set the character set & unicode for chinese but of no use. I have used these unicodes and character sets for the languages:
Language Character Sets
English AL16UTF16, WE8MSWIN1252 - this one works fine as default with my OS
German AL16UTF16, WE8MSWIN1252 - this one works fine and data I/P are also proper.
Traditional Chinese AL16UTF16, ZHT16MSWIN950
Simplified Chinese AL16UTF16, ZHS16CGB231280

but for the last two I am get ???? marks for the data entered in chinese language. I can type the language as i have changed my default lang to simplified chinese but in DB tables it gives ?????.
And i am using proper datatypes with proper length to get these data inserted in DB. I have alredy tried all the combination for the unicode & characterset for the language. If someone can just guide me how to set in oracle10g would be great!! I have already succedded the same for SQL server 2005 but Oracle is taking my nerve on.....????
If some one can help that would be great...........???????????