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    Red face Unanswered: Please help with sp_audit error

    I'm a newbie in Sybase, I'm sso_role, playing with auditing and getting this error.

    Server 'eva1', Procedure 'sp_audit', Line 705:
    You must use one of the Sybase-supplied auditing stored procedures to change audit options.
    Server Message: Number 18236, Severity 16
    Server 'eva1', Procedure 'sp_audit', Line 817:
    Error updating the audit flags. This is a system error. Contact a user with System Security Officer (SSO) Role.
    (return status = 1)

    Here is a small explanation of what's going on. There was someone before me who tried to set Sybase auditing on 12.5.2 version. I've got sybsecurity database with three sysaudits tables each on its own device. However, there was no any sp_audit, sp_displayaudit and other audit procedures. Then I decided to get the procs from installsecurity script and load them manually to sybsecurity database. Now I have these errors with sp_audit. sp_displayaudit works fine showing that everything is "off"

    Info about my login:

    Loginame: <login>
    Fullname: <login>
    Default Database: sybsecurity
    Default Language: us_english
    Auto Login Script:
    Configured Authorization:
    sso_role (default ON)
    Locked: NO
    Date of Last Password Change: Oct 19 2008 4:40PM
    Password expiration interval: 0
    Password expired: NO
    Minimum password length: 6
    Maximum failed logins: 0
    Current failed login attempts:
    Authenticate with: ANY
    (return status = 0)

    Any information will be appreciated.

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    Wink Never mind I've got an answer

    I've got an answer to my problem. I loaded procedures to sybsecurity database instead of sybsystemprocs. Did I mention that I'm a newbie?

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