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    A database for our Church


    We're a church based in the south of England and we've grown from 35 to 80 members within 4 months (not bad going). We're looking to setup the admin side of the church and be able to create mailings lists etc. I've now installed something 9 scripts on website to give them a go and the annoying thing is that each one does 1 aspect of what we want as a church.

    Basically we're looking for the following functionalitiy:
    1. Log all church members Name, Address, Phone number, Email etc.
    2. This information to be accessed by any of the leaders/staff at the sametime and from any machine.
    3. For us to group poeple into families so we can enter spouses details and kids details.
    4. For us to be able to allocate people into groups. For example people might be part of the worship group or finance group etc.
    5. To be able to mail merge all or certain people within the church via email.
    6. To be able to mail merge all or certain people within the church via post/word.
    7. To be able to print off a church address list in paper format.
    8. To be able to store notes etc about the people.

    I've found a company called who offer this in a package. It loks ideal and seems to do what we want. The only problem is price - 20 a month! We could never afford anything like this! Their demo found at is very useful and shows what can be done.

    What are the chances of creating something very similar and integrating it to a part of out website?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I am currently developing a People Management system for use by churches called PACTS (People at Church Tracking System)

    Home page is

    pacts - Google Code

    We haven't publically release the software yet, but I hope to get a live test site working soon.



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    if you know database design, you're supposed to develop it by yourself. that would be not a difficult thing.

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    I'd suggest Church Ledger. They offer complete church support software, and the owner can even customize the software if you wish. He is very active in an organization of churches, and knows a great deal about many church organizations/issues/solutions/etc.


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    I would say, creating a database that can handle your data is the very easy part. I'm sure many here could make up a database like that in 5 minutes and implement it in one hour or so...
    The harder, more cost and time-intensive part is the website, or interface. That would need to be programmed from scratch or by customizing existing templates, similar to this pacts project mentioned above.

    My guess is that is one of your cheapest options.
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