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    Unanswered: Configuring Oracle iSQLPlus for public access

    Hi there
    First year touching the Oracle10g Database and I'm having fun but also a few issues:

    Here's the problem, I have created a database for a course and now I have these 3 friends of mine who are helping me do this job and a teacher that i want to be able to help me with minor problems, here's the catch we are all far away from eachother and neither of us have static ip's (besides my teacher) so we find a way around, we created a VPN with Hamachi and now we can work as if we were on a LAN (my home pc being the server and everyone else connecting as a client), problem is, I can't seem to find a way for them to connect to my database or even see the the iSQLPlus webpage that i'm using for testing scripts.

    oracle seems to be installed in a separated network and in my computer i can access it by doing:

    but when accessing trought my virtual lan I tryed:

    with no luck at all, is this possible to be acomplished in any other way ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried configuring iSQLPlus to run on the address? I am not a network guy, so this is a stretch without testing. However, when we set up IBM HACMP clusters, we configure Oracle to listen on the virtual address. It seems that you want to listen on the VPN address and not the address.

    Give it a shot and let us know what happens.

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    Thanks for the quick reply...

    Hey there! Thanks for the quick reply buckeye234, I am indeed trying to make oracle listen on the base ip instead of listening in an inner network (, four questions has come to stage when i saw your post (sorry if i'm being annoying)

    1st - How can I change the Oracle default listening network/port ?
    2nd - Is it a web server problem? If so where are the options for the apache server or config files ?

    Beyond this point is just curiosity...

    3rd - Why is Oracle installed by default in the sub-network ?
    4th - Why is it needed to create a loop-back network when installing the db ?

    By the way i forgot to say that '' is the virtual address given by Hamachi for my machine (so my real ip is mapped into this one)

    Thanks 2 everyone that spent time reading this posts ...

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