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    Unanswered: tracking users in DB

    can someone tell me how to track users or monitor the activity on my Access Db, lets say by having the network username and machine name for each of the users accessing the db file.

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    Theres some code int he codebank for this, contributed by Paul Kohn (PKStormy)
    alternatively google the API calls from Dev Ashish
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    This is the technique I use which healdem is referring to above:

    It works very well and is simple to setup. I can tell which user is currently using the mdb and when they opened it. If they are not using the mdb, I can tell when they last opened the mdb. I can even far exceed MSAccess's maximum recommendation on the # of concurrent users in an mdb (I can have 100's of users using an mdb application.) Plus, there are a lot of other things I can tell/do/is problem/etc.. free when using this technique.
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