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    advice needed-database security

    good day to all,
    i once again have a question and would like some feedback from you guys. if i were to set up an online directory, i would obviously have a database where all the information would be held. In terms of actually setting up this directory online, what would be some of the security issues would i have to consider?

    i came up with a few namely : viruses, trusted IP adddresses, server backups, server security

    aslo, on the issue of data protection i have a few: privacy, integrity, authentication, encryption.

    i would appreciated if you guys would assist by letting me know if these are the issues i should be considering or whether i am misinterpreting the entire thing.

    thank you in advance

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    this sounds like either (1) you've never built a web site before, and are planning ahead, or (2) it's a homework assignment in a computer security course

    in both cases, the answer is yes | @rudydotca
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