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    Unanswered: Access won't allow multiple users

    The DB is set to shared mode with record locking set to editted record only. However, if I send out the DB for other users to access, it will only let one user in at a time. Can I get any help? I'm attempting to send out the .mdb, I know it's not a good idea, but it's locked down to where no one can access the designs and such.

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    Is the database split? In the options is the Default Open Mode set to Shared and not exclusive?

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    What happens when the second user attempts to open it?

    The only thing I can think of is that the database is being opened in exclusive mode by the first user.

    Consider distributing an MDE file to each user.
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    or if the users are allowed to open somethign for edit (say a form, report or query
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    If it's related to a an "mdb file is locked by another user" issue (which is sounds like is your issue), you can also try this technique:
    which I use to get around "the database is currently locked by another user" mdb/mde issues. Otherwise, I've seen instances where the mdb file could also be locked by another user if that user doesn't have adequate permissions to the drive/folder/mdb file itself where the mdb resides (ie. they have read permissions but don't have write permissions to the folder.)

    If it's related to "record-level" locking within the mdb file itself and tables unable to update, check your code/MSAccess setup (and consider using unbound forms). I have also seen slow network connections to the backend mdb file cause problems with locking records (which again, unbound forms resolves.)
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