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    Unanswered: Dynamically select back-end database connection on startup

    Good afternoon:

    I have recently had a discussion on this board and have been educated as to the apparent deprication of Access Project. Now, I am not married to the notion of using ADP/ADE, but there I know that I can (and do) select the backend database on startup. This allows be to have a "live" database for actual use, and a "sandbox" for testing and training. This way, I don't have to worry about messing up "real" data.

    I have some other potential problems - which are coding related, but I'm assuming I will be able to resolve those.

    Can you tell me if/how to change the backend database on startup?

    For ADP, I use the /cmd for a keyword and change my connection string based on the entry there.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    it can be doen, depending on how you are usign the data, how you are connecting to it. but sadly I can't remember the code. you can porgramtically control the linked table manager

    however I'd suggest you make it easier on yourself, have the development and live systems seperate. don't go down the road you are propsing. keep development on one set of data, live on its own data. that way round there is NEVER EVER a risk that you casually run a procesess in your development machine whihc permanently changes the live data.

    generally I expect several levels of protection between a development and production system, sometimes migrated through a change control process.
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    Another piece of advise. I realize this is an Access forum, but since I am considering options, what about doing the whole think in Visual Studio?
    Advantage(?) less worry about deprecating file types?
    Disadvantage: I am at least familiar with Access programming, Visual studio becomes something of a larger learning curve - most things look similar, but some functions/classes don't carry over. But, form design and events look similar.

    Stay with Access 2003 (familiar, etc)?

    Get office 2007 and work from there? New file types supported etc.

    I know that I'll want to complete the project with a compiled MDE, ACCDE, ADE, or possibly EXE. I want no prying eyes messing with the code - or seeing my crude attempts at data encryption (modifying the data going to the table so that it can only be decoded by my application.

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    Dynamically Select The Database at Startup...


    Please check the idea of selecting your BackEnd Database at start of your Access Application.

    Use "Admin" and "admin" as user name and password at the startup login form in the application

    I hope this would at least help you get the idea what I'm using here in my organization to implement this requirement.

    Copy the Application under C:\Sample\....

    Saqib Baloch,
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    Thanks very much.

    That's very helpful.

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