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    University Database

    Hi All,

    I have been asked to design a University database (for a small uni project) and this is what I have so far (please see attached image).

    I've designed the database so that a student can only enroll on a signle programme. Each programme has multiple modules (eg A business degree would have an Accounting, Human resources module etc).

    The problem I have now is that I want to be able to record each students grade for each module in a new table. I was wondering what the best way of doing this was.

    Many thanks

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    Add a table that links Students, Modules and Grades. Consider what the key should be (and I don't mean "StudentModuleGradeID" - see below!)

    Some comments:
    • Why prefix your tables with "Table_"? Students, Modules, Grades are good table names.
    • You don't need to add a surrogate key to every table - in particular, not to the one that links Modules to Programmes, which should have as its key the compound (ModuleID, ProgrammeID), and the new table. You need to think about what makes a row really unique - consider:

    insert into Grades (GradeId, Grade) values (1, 'A');
    insert into Grades (GradeId, Grade) values (2, 'A');
    insert into Grades (GradeId, Grade) values (3, 'A');
    Your design makes that perfectly acceptable data.

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